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LIKES Fuh by Emoji-kun
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime cute, fat, round animals
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime fluffy paws
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime anything cute
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime nice, honest, and selfless people
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime eating bamboo, asparagus, tomatoes, and ramen
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime environmental science
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime people that share my interests
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime 美子/ロリタ/ショタ - 2Dメディア

DISLIKES Raaghhr by Emoji-kun
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime condescending, arrogant people
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime cruel hypocrites and truly cunningly evil people
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime cockroaches
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime high tuition fees/textbook costs
Bunny Bullet by HarleyHime having no healthy food :iconotlplz:

Tiny Panda Icon [FREE] by socksyyTiny Panda Icon [FREE] by socksyyTiny Panda Icon [FREE] by socksyyTiny Panda Icon [FREE] by socksyyTiny Panda Icon [FREE] by socksyyTiny Panda Icon [FREE] by socksyyTiny Panda Icon [FREE] by socksyyTiny Panda Icon [FREE] by socksyyTiny Panda Icon [FREE] by socksyyTiny Panda Icon [FREE] by socksyy

Know Me Better Stamp by mylastel

Custom background is provided by Mimru

When it comes to art, NEVER *work* for free...

Every artist deserves to be paid fairly for his/her time and effort. Working for free/exposure should not be be an option--YOU CREATE YOUR OWN EXPOSURE.

Should I work for free?

PROTECT YOUR ART CAREER - Don't sell yourself short



Minimum Wage Map

A letter to all those who think that art is expensive...





The consequences of undervaluing your art

The magical marketplace of tumblr


Small RantUhg I'm so tired of seeing artists under selling themselves cause there's cheap asses out there who seem to have no sense of value.
To artists: Don't undersell yourself. If you spend hours on a picture for someone who only paid you $5... stop. Seriously you under selling yourself just to get a commission shouldn't happen. I understand that you might think you're not popular enough to get tons of commissions so you think that if you sell them for really cheap people will buy them, but who cares! If you spend 4 hours on a picture worth $5 you've essentially paid your commissioner with your life. You might as well open up requests! Charge what your art is worth!! You not only hurt yourself but everyone else. The reason you have to sell your art for chump change is because everyone else is selling it for chump change. Also, why are you drawing primarily for money anyway? It's not exactly a good job. Heck most of us don't even make minimum wage ((myself included)), so what a rewardin

15 Inspiring Design Quotes


What do you think a reasonable price for a commission is? ( if the artist is fairly skilled?) ( for a full body, background etc)

Really low prices make me less likely to commission an artist.


Cheap commissions for competition...?


RANT: Plushie artists and their RUDE customersfeel free to ignore this journal i just needed to vent 
NOTE: THIS DOESNT APPLY TO ALL CUSTOMERS/COMMISSIONERS OF PLUSHIE ARTISTS, just the ones that are rude and try to haggle lower prices continuously and dont respect their work
Ok, I know that a lot of people have had their fair share of rude and frustrating customers, but my sister just dealt with one commissioner tonight that really made me pull my hair out.
After receiving a commission to sew a chibi Manetric (a pokemon for those who dont know, heres a pic of one) the commissioner tried to haggle the price down an extra 10 dollars, to which she agreed to after telling the commissioner she would just have to make it simpler and less detailed. the agreed price was 50 for the commission. The cost of fabric and supplies, 10$, leaving her a measly 40$ for 9 hours of work. thats less than 4 dollars an hour.. 
My sister comp

Fandom pricing =/= overpricing--YOU DESERVE MORE FOR PROFESSIONAL WORK

Your art is worth more than you think.

Credit to :iconrinisou: for saying this

So many artists underpricing...It makes me really sad.
When an artist you want to commission finally open their commissions back and all of their slots are taken in less than a minute.
And I'm sure all the slots would still be taken if the price was increased of x2-x10.
So many artists are still underpricing themselves. People make it a standard for art to sell for so cheap and whenever someone charge more than this standard, which is probably still underpriced, people complain.
By underpricing yourself, you are also contributing to keep the price standard of art low on this site. Charging low can be insulting to other artists, but also to yourself.
Please, don't ever feel like you need to underprice yourself, because of the fear of what other might think or say. You art is worth more than that. There will always be someone complaining, you cannot please everyone. Your time, the efforts, the skills you gained over years of hard work, is worth far way more than a few cents/points.
If you ever open your commissions an

Protect yourself against fraudAlthough, as an active member of the community, it's nearly impossible to have missed this huge issue, I think it's very important to warn people for this.
What happened is a large case fraud in which apparently one user (under multiple names) scammed several members of DeviantArt community. Leaving some people as much as $3000 in debt!!! Money they, most likely, never see back.

Even though the user is banned by DeviantArt now, there's no reason why it won't happen again. 
After all, the problem is caused by a loophole in PayPal's rules. So basically everybody that's using PayPal for its business (and that's a lot of us) is at risk.
That includes;
:bulletblack: People doing commissions
:bulletblack: People selling adoptables
To understand where all of this comes from, it's first of all important to know what a PayPal chargeback actually is.
This video offers a proper explanation of what chargeback is, and what it should

YOUR IDEAS HAVE VALUE!!I have to kind of make a post about this subject since it comes up a lot in discussions
Your art has worth! it does not need marketing or any kind of promotion . Even your ideas have value too. So companies and people trying to take advantage of such things is simply not right and we as artists need to change.
If you spend hours and hours honing your skills as an artist. Then people shouldn't assume that you are willing to give that away for free.
All the time I get a message for people asking for free work , or work that I won't get paid for now, but they will promote my website. I do not need help promoting myself. I can handle that quite well on my own. ( FUNNY PART IS I NEVER PROMOTED MY ART AT ALL I JUST DID IT AND I GOT BETTER AND MORE PEOPLE BEGAN TO LOOK AT IT MORE AND MORE, I DID ART AND PUT IT ON A WEBSITE , NOTHING MORE) People also do the kick-starter thing. They say we cannot pay but if your project gets funded we can pay you after.
LITERALLY all of these scenarios would n

Signal Boost - Chargebacks[New Info!]Edit again: Another journal! Thank you everyone for sharing these ;AAAAAAAAAaa;
[Aug/14/14]Edit: Added another journal, this time by Poiizu with another option for selling digital goods ;v;/ Please have a look if you can <3

[Aug/13/14]Edit: Sorry to be crawling around your inboxes guys *paps* I added a link shared by Hackwolfin on paypal / selling of digital good through them  ;v;/ (which could help with protecting against chargebacks
You can read about it here  ->
You can also check out her journal on how to set up / upgrade your paypal to a business account here:

Thanks again for doing this sweetie ;v;/ If anyone else can spread the word about this? Please do a-and thank you for reading ;v;<3
So, probably a lot of you are / might be aware of this whole incident about the chargebacks some people have been hit by but--here's a bit of a signal

[Revised] How to Protect Yourself Against FraudThis Journal is currently Under Revision. 
Points have been brought to my attention that have caused me to need to revise this journal. 
I am still digging around on my free time to see if I can find a way around this. I will update daily. 
Please note that this is specifically for Artists who use Paypal to sell digital goods.
OK, so there has been many artists being scammed lately through Paypal with large chargebacks. If you have been hit by a chargeback recently please feel free to note me and I will try my best to help you out. 

The rest of this journal is information on how to better protect yourself against scams, fraud, and/or chargebacks.
What is a Chargeback, and How do I protect myself from one?
So first we need to understand what a Chargeback is. 
By filing a chargeback, buyers ask their credit card issuer to reverse an approved transaction.
Common reasons for char

Tips For Commission ArtistsHello! :wave: I thought of making this small guide, based from my personal experience, to give tips to artists, mostly beginners, to be more successful at selling commissions, since seeing from my previous journal many had difficulty with it. So here are some tips to help boosting your sales.
Have your commission info somewhere visible
Possibly, people won't even know you are taking commissions or if they are open if you don't put your commission info somewhere they can see. You can do this in a journal, that I mostly recommend, since it will be showing into your watcher's inboxes and most of your watchers probably rarely visit your profile page. You could still also use the commission widget, or donation poll to write your info. You can also link to your commission info in your signature or the artist's comment of new drawings you upload.

Keep it simple
Don't add too many unnecessary rules or in

Pricing Commissions - Updating Opinion GuideMore points are added when needed, and many of those points come from readers who comment below!
Please share this if you like it by posting a journal or a poll linking to this. Spread the word and the awareness to both buyers and sellers!
I've been asked a couple times already about how I price my commissions. Often, I think it's because I tend to price my work higher than a lot of other artists, yet people are still willing to buy. I think this journal will sum things up quite nicely (from my personal viewpoints.)
A Brief Econ Class
So how do I price, then?Frequent Concerns
My philosophy for pricing art is actually best illustrated by the opening page of this chapter of AKB49 (a manga based off of popular idol group AKB48).

So what does this mean? "Because... it really is delicious" represents the idea that something can be sold for a higher price because demand is high. Time for a quick economics class!

To artists who want to offer commissions.    I would like to address something I have been seeing as of late here and on other sites. Artists who are asking if someone would commission them if they were to offer commissions and if so, how much should they charge or how much are they willing to pay?
    I say this with a real heart to all artists, but that is a foolish line of questions.
    Really. I have been there. I even did those myself. But look at it from the side of a potential buyer.
1: Would you even commission me?
    Can you imagine if a doctor were to say that? If I were to open an office would you even come to me? That makes the doctor feel like a failure. Like he has so little faith in his ability to do his job he is afraid to do it. So he has to ask a thousand people IF he were to open an office would ANYONE come? Would you? Or would you want a doctor who just opens it and does his job and believes in his ability to treat you?
    Same with an artist. You sound like you have no faith in your ability. If you do

Custom background is provided by Gasara


kura-ou has started a donation pool!
44 / 10,000
Gif by Emoxynha500 POINT_5 DOLLAR HEADSHOT COMMISSION by kura-ouGif by Emoxynha
1 headshot = 500:points: ($5.50/day helps me save up for lunch ;u; )

Cleaned-up headshot doodle :) Will include shading (it's just that this particular character I was working on isn't shaded ^^; )

Please include:
Character's name:
Type of expression(s):
3 words about his/her personality:
Reference(s): [please include images of at least 500-800 pixels in width, as my eyesight is very, very poor]

TIME TAKEN: 10-20 minutes

CAN DO: original characters, avatars, kemonomimi characters, fanart

CANNOT DO: heavy armor, mechs


dA Love by wolf-hat

PLEASE! Donate points, Animation by imonedesign

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Remember Captain Robin ( Star ) by Ehsan-m
Replay films starring Robin Williams to support Parkinson's Foundations, Depression Awareness and Suicide Prevention


No need to thank me for the :+devwatch: or :+fav: ^ ^

Although I am generally friendly and would like to get to know others more, please forgive me if I am socially-awkward and either do not know the best way to reply--I don't disregard anyone's kind comments or notes--I'm just so busy and shy :blush: that I don't know how to reply >//A///< (I'm tooooo socially-awkward, so I apologize ;~; )

Thank you to everyone who has been so kind as to leave me a comment on my art ;A; Robu 2 by Emoji-kun


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